Invisionboard to Discourse Migration

hi, looking to move my invisonboard over to discourse and need to outsource this.
Invisionboard is v 2.3.5 and will need a manual upgrade to the 3.x series and then I believe should become more straightforward. I have the manual scripts that need running from 2.3.5 ā†’ 3.x and then the 3.x automated upgrade scripts.
Ideally looking for someone who has done this before. Large forum

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I can help. Please see

I believe that there are two versions of the script and one works with the older ipboard version, but Iā€™m not entirely sure.


Hi Philip,

As an offshore firm, we can assist you with migrating your community to discourse community. Our certified professionals have already completed several migrations and can assist you with any type of management, design & development, and integrations.

Would you be interested in a quick conversation to discuss our plan of action for you?


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