Invitation to trust level does not work

As a moderator, I am trying to invite all the users to a topic. The idea is that all the users will get a notification on their profile so that my topic reaches every one.

I already allowed inviting all the users from Admin page. Then, I invited trust level 1 and everything went smoothly (no warning message). But no one received a notification. Am I missing something? Do you have an alternative approach to make sure that my topic reaches everyone (other than pinning).

Thanks in advance

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Trust levels can’t be used for notifications in that manner. Add everyone to a group and invite the group, perhaps.

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Hi @codinghorror

Thanks for a quick response.
It worked for a group of size 4 people, but not for a group with ~1200. Group settings was chosen to be the same in both cases.

Maybe this is limited by the max users notified per group mention site setting?

Thank you very much @fefrei. This seems to be working, however I got a 502 (?) error message box a few seconds after I invited the trust level group. Not quite sure what it was (it was just an error number with no additional info), but at least a few people from our team are notified. I will wait until tomorrow to see if we will get a boost in the topic view :slight_smile: