Conflict for sending messages with trust levels?


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My forum is accessible by invitation only, so that users can be added directly to their respective groups.
Some groups must give a level 1, others must give a level 2.
I have noticed that sometimes my members invited to a group that should give a level 2 by default, do not have a level 2 but only a level 1.

I wonder if there is a conflict with other settings.

Here are a few things:

  • For the group mentioned: Trust level automatically assigned when members are added: 2. And it is set as main group automatically.
  • Parameter for invitee (caption)


Moreover, I confess that I do not understand how the following parameters can coexist :


Thank you very much for your help.

I have had a little run through on my test site -


  • Set site to ‘Invite only’, and have the base invitee Trust Level at the default TL1
  • Create Group A, with ‘Trust level automatically granted to members when they’re added:’ set to ‘2’
  • Create Invite A, with ‘Add to Groups’ set to ‘Group A’

  • Use invite from incognito browser

And the test user was automatically added to Group A, and also received the right Trust Level bump to TL2.

Is there anything else I could try to replicate the issue you’re seeing?

The ‘enable personal messages’ setting turns on/off personal messaging; and the second one sets the minimum trust level to send a message if personal messages are turned on. :+1:

@JammyDodger thank you for your time.

The problem is that I have a few dozen people who seem to have gone through the same process, who are well added to the right group, but who don’t all have the default trust level of that group.
Tomorrow morning I’m doing a review with my colleague to identify if there have been any user journey discrepancies that might explain this.

Thx for this explanation :smiley:

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For what it’s worth, I changed the ‘Trust level automatically granted to members when they’re added:’ of Group A to TL4 after my test user had been enrolled, and that new value was only applied to new members joining the group, not existing ones (ie. Test_User stayed at TL2, and only new group members got TL4).

Not sure if that’s helpful, but thought I’d share. :slightly_smiling_face:

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