Invite button for all

The Invite button located at the end of the topics seems to be hide for non-admins.

Why ? Shouldn’t be anyone able to invite other people to a given topic ?

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

The invite button is avaliable for members on trust level 2 or higher, not only admins.


Even members on trust level 3 can’t see it on my side.

Is it because Discourse require login to access to the topics?

Require login shouldn’t affect things, but what is max invites per day set to?

There is the setting

default invitee trust level [default: 1]
Default trust level (0-4) for invited users.

But there is also this that may be involved.

enable local logins [default: enabled]
Enable local username and password login based accounts. (Note: this must be enabled for invites to work)

  • max invites per day: 10
  • default invitee trust level: 1
  • enable local logins: yes

That’s strange!

Can your users (Trust level 2 or higher) see the invite button on their profile page? If so, maybe CSS is hiding it from the topic pages?

Members can’t either see the invite button on their profile page and there is no custom CSS.

Are you using single sign on? Single sign on is incompatible with invites as it would bypass the parent site’s authentication.

We aren’t using any SSO provider, but we’re using Discourse as a SSO provider. Can it be linked?

Are the users trust level 2? TL2 is required (or staff member status) to send invites.


May it be linked to the language of my Discourse install?