Invite by email without registering?

Hi, can someone explains to me this functionality “Invite by email”. How can someone join my site if he has no login as indicated in the dialog box message? Thanks



If you know the users email then you can send a invite from there. It sends them a link via email that must be redeemed. This could be used if you are a team of people moving to discourse or your friends for example. Hope this answers your question. Here’s what the email looks like.

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Ok, is this invitee asked to type in a password for his account? The sentence “no login required” is confusing me. “No login” does not mean “no registration” is it? And registration does require a password ?

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That text isn’t accurate. The user does login to the site. When the user clicks the link in the invite email, they will be shown a form that’s similar to this:

Clicking the “Accept Invitation” link logs the user into the site. The main differences between accepting an invite and going through the normal username/password registration process are that the user doesn’t need to confirm their email address and that setting a password on the accept-invite form is optional. If a user does not set a password, they will be prompted to set one the next time they log out and then log back into the site.

I think that just removing the “no login required” text from the Invite by email text would be an improvement.


Ok, thanks for your explanations, now that’s clear !