Invite friends by importing email address book

I have seen bulk invitation feature in many places such as LinkedIn where you can invite multiple friends to LinkedIn using your gmail (or other email, facebook etc.) address book.

This feature doesn’t seem to exist here. Any plans on this feature? I think this can help a lot for generating critical mass for any forum in a short time.

What LinkedIn does is morally reprehensible, and I will not ever support any feature that asks for your password to another service. That is literally asking for a security breach.

Additionally, this feature could very quickly land you on some spam lists, so I suggest you think hard about whether this Y is the right way to accomplish your X. (XY Problem)

If you still want to do it, I think the rails console is the best way to accomplish this.


Similarly, a nuclear bomb is a really effective way of reducing population density in a given area.

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Hi! Bulk Invite feature is now available! Try it out:


I already did. It is fantastic…thanks.


I was actually thinking the same… but I think it will never happen …