Invite only apply for access form

I’m currently running an invite only discourse forum, which is great. I have a separate google form setup for people to apply to the forum. What I’d like to do is combine these so people can apply for access directly through discourse and I can review and approve them.

Is there anyway to do this?

I think you simply need to enable must approve users in Admin > Settings

When a user signs up, I believe you get notified and you must approve their account before they can do anything else.


Is there anyway to add additional form fields to that, such as order number, so we can verify their identity?

The other problem / question with this is will people who are NOT registered be able to VIEW the site before they apply? I don’t want anyone who was not invited / approved to be able to view the content.

To prevent anyone from viewing the content you can set login required

I’m unsure about the additional information fields though. I haven’t really used the feature. I may try it out in a bit.

Yes, you can add custom fields. You can require them. I’m pretty sure that they are added to the account request page.


Yeah, I can confirm this. You will want to create a Custom User Field (Admin Area), require it at signup, and turn on must approve users

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Thats great. Thanks.

When I check the box to require approval it says that everyone in my forum already will be kicked out. I have 56 people participating. Is there a way to easily approve them post this change?

Yes, go to Admin > Users > Pending, click the checkbox at the top of the list, and then the Approve button.


If you had a thousand, you’d want to do it from the console, but with under a hundred, it’s ready enough on the web interface.

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Man I love discourse and this community! Thx.