Invite people to reply to a topic without them needing to create an account

I’d like to be able to invite people to reply to a public topic without needing to create an account. How do I do this?

I did experiment with the Share > Invite by Email feature, but I get an email that doesn’t allow me to see the full post or say that I can reply via email to participate.

This feature would mimic how people can reply immediately to personal messages.

I’d like this feature because there are many people who I’d like to give input on specific topics, but for whom creating an account will be too big of a barrier.

I don’t think that is supported.

The “Share → Invite” flow will generate an invite email like the one in your screenshot, but the invitee will need to click the link and select at least a username, and will be directed to the topic right away.

Thank you for the answer! I’ve changed this post category to feature request now.