Inviting existing users to topics

(Dave McClure) #1

Do you currently use the “Invite” feature to point existing users to topics you think they’d be interested in?

I just noticed the customize invite message feature doesn’t exist for sending invites to existing users.

I think it’d be nice to be able to add some personalization when doing so to indicate why I’m inviting someone to a topic.

I’m a little confused about how the flow works for existing users…

Will the notification they get be sent by email if they do not visit the forum?

If not, that’d go on my list too…

As it stands now, it feels like PM’s with links to the topic or @mentioning the user is a more engaging way to point an existing user to a topic.

(Anton) #2

It is vice-versa in our community.

When atting someone, you may write something about their relevant experience that they probably might not want to talk about in that particular topic.

Not everyone might like when you force-invite them by mentioning in a topic. This may make others think they the invitee ignores the invitation.

The main point, though, is that they might not like the introduction you make about them in context of the topic. I prefer people do it on their own. And I prefer giving the flexibility to silently ignoring my invitation without traces in the topic, so I just use “Invite” button, that’s all.

But I use it “intelligently” :wink:
I only invite people when they are online and …

…let me avoid content duplication, read more about how we invite people to participate here:

(Mittineague) #3

I invite members to topics every once in a while.

I do it as a more polite way than mentioning them in a post.

That is, it gives them the option of replying or not without it looking to others like they are ignoring the ping because they aren’t interested etc.

If I want to add something to the invite (like why), I message instead.

I don’t know about if they are sent by email but I’m assuming they would be, based on their Profile settings and when they last visited.


Agreed. This is what the email currently looks like:

Even now that I’m here it’s ambiguous. The ability to give context would be super helpful.

(Mittineague) #5

Hmmm, thinking about it, if it’s always the OP (considered to be the topic) that is sent, it would at times be nice to have an excerpt of a different post in that topic instead. eg.

How do I solve XYZ?
Try A
Try B
Try C
Try D

If somemember might not know much about ABC but I know he’s keen about D, and I invite him. there is some chance he might shrug off XYZ without reading the topic through, but if he saw D he would be more interested.

I don’t know if having per post invites would be a good approach, and sending a Message would cover it, But having a way to choose the excerpt if not too difficult to implement and considered useful enough could work.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

There is ability to give context, just not for existing users versus email addresses. I am not sure that’s what you have shown here?

@mcwumbly where would this context go for existing users, as all we do is send a notification in the notification panel, which is literally a single line. There’s no email to hold the extra content…


Right – it’s for existing users that we’re referring to (we don’t have the ability to use email addresses because SSO).

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Which still doesn’t answer the fundamental question:

Where exactly would this “extra text” go, when there is no email to stuff it into?


Not sure I’m understanding the nuances of the question.

That screenshot in my OP is of an email that I got as a result of being invited to this topic.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

I think that’s only sent if the user isn’t active on the site at the moment. Normally it is a simple one-line notification in the notification panel.

So at the moment it would be “enter this optional text, which may be completely thrown away and never seen if the user is active on the site at the moment”. Is that OK? I dunno.


I reckon it is, but since this isn’t my topic I’ll defer to @mcwumbly

(Dave McClure) #12

I wasn’t sure what the flow was until the answers in this topic so far.

It would probably only make sense to allow extra text for existing users if it automatically converted the invite to a PM (kind of like what happens in the “I want to message the user” part of the flag dialog).