Invited users logged in before activating account

Hi community,

Invited users who click on the invite link and sign up, subsequently gets auto logged into the forum even without activating their account through the activation email sent after sign up. I believe this may be a bug, as if the user logs out, he is unable to sign in again unless he/she activates his account through the activation email.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Send invite to
  2. xyz clicks on invite link
  3. xyz signs up
  4. xyz gets logged into forum upon sign up. meanwhile, activation email is sent to
  5. xyz gets full access to forum, but only has trust level 0 (does not get assigned to any group, even if his email’s domain is set to auto join a particular one)
  6. xyz logs out
  7. xyz tries to log in again but is unsuccessful. xyz sees the following message: " You can’t log in yet. We previously sent an activation email to you at Please follow the instructions in that email to activate your account."

Questions on my mind:

  1. If users are given an invite link & sign up through the link, why do they still need to go through an additional step to activate their accounts?
  2. Even if there is a good reason to require the additional account activation step, why are these invited users auto-logged in before activating their account?


If they’re clicking an invite link in an email already sent to the mailbox they’ve effectively already verified the address.

I recall some discussion recently that the second email sent to activate the account may be unnecessary.

Edit: confirmed


Not a bug – this is the way it has always worked. The priority is to get the user in and contributing.

Get latest version as there have been improvements here in the last day or two as @Stephen noted.


oh… thanks for sharing stephen! my bad for not searching the forums hard enough haha

i have another question though - if i am using a discourse hosted instance (i.e. paid plan), how do i update to the latest version? I understand this change was just rolled out 2 days ago.

We roll out new versions about once a week, though it varies. If this is an urgent issue you can mail the support address on your dashboard.


thanks for the reply, jeff. will do :grin:

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