Allow disabling activation email for invited users

I’ve seen this discussed briefly before, but I’d like to cast a vote for an option to turn off activation emails for users who were already invited.

They already clicked the invitation link (which presumably was sent to their email), so there’s no need to ask them to confirm it again.

I am aware that there might be cases where an invite link is generated and not sent via email, so perhaps it would be good to pass a variable to set activation as needed or not when a link is generated?

What do you guys think?


Yes, this is scheduled for 2.1 and it is on @gerhard’s plate.


Is the option to turn off activation emails for invited users still scheduled ?
I cannot seem to find it in 2.1 release notes nor in the list of future features of 2.2…
I have the very same issue with users invited by email, for whom I struggle to justify why they are required to confirm the email address I just used to send them the invite.
I understand this probably applies to a minority of cases though and might not be a priority on your roadmap…

It still is on our roadmap, adding it to the 2.2 list, it got delayed


This is finally done. Users invited via email won’t receive another email to activate their account. Their email address will be marked as verified as soon as they accept the invite.

Users invited via link won’t be logged in automatically after accepting the invite. They will get another email to verify their email address before they will be able to login.


Fantastic and long overdue :heart_eyes: thanks @gerhard!


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