iOS Add To Homescreen Popup

I completely (but I hope politely) disagree. I run a Discourse forum and have it and others added to the Home Screen. I only thought about doing that after discussions here, and haven’t seen any benefits (the notifications don’t work) so have continued to use the Hub app.


I think we might just be both making assumptions here without gathering feedback from admins who have installed this.

That being said, the text is 100% customizable, so if an admin feels the need to further clarify, they can do so quite easily.

My feedback has been specifically from clients, after mentioning that the PWA was a necessary step to enable notifications.

It’s going to vary between communities, but in the era of ‘ask app not to track’ users aren’t as likely to blindly follow instructions without some perceived benefit. Telling a user how to install the PWA without explaining why definitely buries the lede.

I had this issue with a couple of my self-hosted instances and modifying the push notification time window mins to 0 fixed it for me and most of my users. As a side-effect it also makes the behavior closer to how the Hub app notifications work for timing.


I had to add this plugin manually.

I had a blank repository when clicking with the installer.

Sorry about that, it should be fixed now.

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Nice component! I like how it’s implemented close to where the share buttons are. Agree that we should integrate this into core and the android banner.

I have an old unimplemented mockup from a while ago that might address some thoughts mentioned here:

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 8.57.38 AM

The idea with the text here :point_up: was to have some sort of clear “what’s in it for me” — and literally show the site logo in an app-like way to make it a little clearer what this is all about.

That was mocked up for Android, which makes things easier because you can include a button that directly adds the PWA to your device.

Unfortunately iOS still requires you to go through their share sheet to get to this action… but I think we can have a button that triggers the share options? (we already do this for clicking the share icon on posts in iOS…)


Not on iOS. You can open a share sheet with navigator.share(), but it doesn’t have the “Add to Home Screen” button on it. To A2HS, the user has to manually click the little share button; hence the need for something like this.

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Turns out I was just still on an old iOS version (pre-16.4): Live notifications: "Notifications are not supported on this browser. Sorry."

In hindsight, I probably should have asked if you had checked that. :slight_smile:

I tend to forget because I’m a registered developer so I get into the betas pretty early on so I sometimes forget that not everyone updates on release day. :slight_smile:

I agree, as this is the main benefit for privately-hosted sites (compared with the Hub app).

But does the code check that the iOS version is 16.4 or greater? No point mentioning notifications if not (and arguably little point mentioning A2HS at all). I don’t know Ruby but it seems just to check whether you’re on an iPhone or iPad:

Sorry if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick.


Right end of the stick! This is Javascript though, not Ruby. :smile:

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Right end of the wrong stick! :slight_smile:


I also want to install Forum on Android like IOS in this topic. How to do on Android?
Thanks everyone

open Chrome, hit three dots, then “Install App” … hit “Install”.

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I mean, on my forum (using discourse platform), I want for android users to install App like this component.

That is on an android Chrome browser when showing a Discourse forum.

There is also a banner prompt out of the box, e.g.:


Hey, guys! I just installed this component on my forum, but it has a major bug: both the desktop, mobile and app versions became infinitely scrollable and I couldn’t click on any buttons anymore. My luck was that I hadn’t refreshed the page on my computer, so I could quickly disable it upon noticing what the problem was. I hope this helps you all. :slight_smile:


Is this still happening for you? I couldnt repro.

Hey, Jordan! I didn’t try it again – and I don’t intend to.