iOS app just shows white screen

Yes that’s a mistake I’m sorry, and it was not my intention. But it happens iOS phased release works differently from what I thought and some people got this version when they shouldn’t.

I pushed commits to the beta branch so you can use them. If you don’t see the update yet, you should be able to see it soon.


Just a quick suggestion: should be able to add a site from the “edit sites” screen.


Revised app is live! Yay.

Can’t type using iOS keyboard from within it. Oh.

Can anybody else confirm?

I’m posting this from Safari.

Well, I just deleted the beta, downloaded the 1.4.1 version of the app, added Meta, gave it the requested permissions, logged in, and left this comment.


There’s a new update in App Store. I updated it and while the “white screen” problem is gone, every time I tap on a forum, it swap me into Safari instead of opening inside the Discourse Hub app. I had to delete and redownload from App Store and only after that it works. Hope this helps!

It’s a new setting the 1.4.0 introduced where opening in safari was the default, in 1.4.1 opening inside app is the new default, but if you had downloaded 1.4.0 it’s not applied when updating to 1.4.1. To change this setting you can go in global ios settings -> Discourse -> and change the related options


Can you share a screen of where it’s happening please? It doesnt make much sense like this.

I’m encountering the same issue with my site.

I just updated Discourse to version 1.4.1 on iOS 12.0.1 and my Discourse install is v2.2.0.beta3 +39. My site was functional on the iOS app previously. Most unfortunate, I was getting the white screen on the previous version and was so looking forward to this update fixing it!

Am assuming to wait for next update? Thanks.

Reach for /admin/upgrade to force an update


Also experiencing this from within the app

Many thanks @joffreyjaffeux, that did the trick.


you mean the leyboard is not showing? If so that’s an iOS bug not an app bug, this screen is SafariViewController I mostly don’t have the hand on it. Try to use open in safari setting this will probably work better.

I will investigate if theres a workaround around this though but don’t expect anything fast. FWIW I can’t reproduce.

Also does it happen all the time or seemingly randomly?


Have never seen svc misbehave in this way, my guess is a keyboard was connected to the phone at some point?


No, and it never occurred with the old app which I used several times daily. Safari and Chrome both work fine, occurs maybe one time in three with 1.4.1.

But you probably updated to iOS 12.1 around the same time, too, right? If so, two variables have changed, and it could be either one.

No I had iOS 12.1 for several weeks on one device and it was on here for days prior to the discourse update.

Back in chrome because the keyboard loaded but wouldn’t accept entry. Works fine everywhere else in the OS, still isolated to the new Discourse app.

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Can’t tell much more than what I said

I just sent you a beta build (1.4.1 179) can you tell me if it fixes your issue please ?

Working fine here since updating, will use the mobile app exclusively for the time being to see if it recurs.


I’m back.

Basically, my issue is when trying to compose a reply the keyboard does not work. It’s visible but non-responsive, and the cursor is static (visible or invisible, depending on when it was invoked) rather than flashing.

This only seems to happen “sometimes” with the app. By that I mean it’s happening for me now but there was a period yesterday where it wasn’t happening (maybe?), and then of course it was happening immediately after I installed 1.4.1 that fixed the white screen issue.

Videos (in the periods where nothing seems to be happening I’m actually tapping the keyboard!)

Hopefully @team can learn from this most unfortunate series of events.

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