iOS: Pasting images using CMD+V

Would be super nice to have this supported.


It already works if you touch and hold to paste.


I just used tap and hold to copy, then tap and hold to paste that on my iPad Pro.


Touch and hold to paste is nice but it’s not the same as CMD-V. That being said, at the time of this writing, CMD+V does indeed work. Perhaps @sam fixed something?

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Did not touch anything BUT if you clicked the “I am using a real keyboard” setting a big pile of hacks are removed, that could indeed fix the issue.


Super. Yes, it does indeed work now.

But I’m a little confused because if I screenshot the page, I think I should be able to select “Copy” on the screenshot and then paste it into the textarea. But CMD+V does nothing, and when holding, the “Paste” option does not appear. Perhaps the screenshots are a special format that you don’t support yet? Or something.

You mentioned “cut and paste of images on iPad” in the other thread being a priority so I thought I might add this. The ability to quickly screenshot and paste into Discourse is obviously a power feature that I love, but I recognize it may be niche.

As always, thanks for listening.

Are you able to paste screenshots to other sites from iOS? I’ve tried a few (where I know it works on macOS) and it doesn’t seem to work anywhere…

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Good question. Yes, the composers of WordPress, Ghost and Medium are some examples of where this works.

Snap a screenshot, long-press, hit “Copy”, then paste into the textarea.