Is 8) really a good smiley code?!

Continuing the discussion from Use more standard smiley codes (`:)` instead of `:smile:`):

Is having this code really a good idea? I think it’s the most common “false positive” you can get… Imagine someone posting a recipe with an alternative version for more ingredients… or anything else that contains a number in parentheses without the number being the only thing in there.

4 (or 8) whatevers results in “4 (or 8) whatevers”.

Besides that… is 8) really so popular? I rarely see it on Facebook or other forums…


We’ll see. I personally prefer 8) to or 8) anyway. :wink:

I agree with you partially here. For some smilies, you definatly want to convert common marks for example :wink: and :slight_smile: ( ;) and :) )- for others however, you need to consider the commonality of the combination. 8) ( 8) ) while somewhat common is (as you pointed out above) likely to occur in every day use - in these instances I’d err on the side of them NOT wanting a smiley.

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I think we should hold off on this till the new Markdown parser.

Cause controlling start order of lists are just hard without being able to control the start number (which is a feature of CommonMark)

  1. so people hack lists
  2. like this
  3. bla

After new CommonMark

  1. test
  2. test
  3. will work as expected.

Hmm true I did not consider lists. I’ll revert it for now then.

This might be why some things require a nose, even if the actual smiley face doesn’t have one. 8-) is much less likely to come up in normal typing than 8)


Good point, I added 8-) back in on your advice. Get outta here 8) you Risky Business motherf***er!