Is an upgrade ok in read-only mode, and why does read-only mode require enabling restores?

I plan to do some maintenance to the server, including updating the server and the server OS, as well as updating Discourse to 2.8.0 from 2.7.x. So I want to set it in to read-only mode for the duration of that process.

I saw the method is oddly in the Backups settings as described:

Firstly, I presume read-only mode does not affect an upgrade process?

Also, it is really weird that Enable read-only is in the Backup settings, and even more weird that it requires restoring to be enabled in order to set the site in to read-only mode. There are other reasons for wanting to set a site in to read-only mode.


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If your plan is to upgrade the OS, Iā€™d recommending instead that you spin up a new VM and move to it. Down time will be much less and there is zero chance of ending up with a broken forum.

It is a little strange that read-only is on the backup page, but the time that most people put a forum in read-only mode is just before making a backup to move to a different server.