Is any possibility for Typeform instead of default sign-up

Need get better data from the customer. so we planned Typeform( instead of signup is there any possibility achieved in discourse

It’s not possible to use typeform instead of the default Discourse signup form. If you need your users to add more information when they signup, you can add user fields that are required when they signup and they will show up on the signup form.

If you visit

you’ll see something like this

You’ll notice that there are a few options that you can toggle - like the type of field and whether it’s required at signup.

You can add as many fields as you need, but keep in mind that every field you add will create more friction for your users when they signup.


In general, it’s not recommended to use Typeform to ask for passwords because things because data is not encrypted on Typeform side (you can see responses in the Results panel).

Typeform has webhooks so you can trigger a workflow when someone submits a form.

A typeform workflow could work if:

  • there is an API to create a user with a temporary password, or a way to send them an activation link