Is anyone working on a Discourse Wiki?

One more thought on this: Making a nice wiki doesn’t actually seem like that big of an undertaking. You summed up pretty well what we’re looking for:

a wiki is something that primarily displays structured information, that may be easily edited (either by everyone or by a set of registered users).

The things I particularly like about Discourse are the nice editor, the solid account system, with things like badges and trust levels, and the modern styling.

If that’s all it is… man, we should be able to write something like that pretty easily.

I think a fork of Discourse to make a wiki would be a relatively finite amount of work. Far from trivial, but not impossible either, especially for a developer with the appropriate skill set (which excludes me, I’m a Mac developer, not a web developer). I’d guess a good developer could get something basic working in a few months and maybe a years worth of work to get something really solid and appropriately featured.

The problem, as always, with forking anything is you then lose all future benefit on the other side of the fork (Discourse does not gain from any benefits in the wiki that would be appropriate, and the wiki does not gain from the continuing work on Discourse). That’s why I started with “I hope that is on the development plan somewhere” - because a non-forked, shared source wiki would be a far better solution.

That said, a forked solution would be far better that the current alternatives IMHO, so I’d be happy to see either.

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Something like github wikis? With markup support

Is that available to install as a wiki, or just part of github? The About GitHub Wikis does not make it clear, but maybe it is documented elsewhere.

A Wiki for Discourse would be great.

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Folks, can I revive this topic? I know, it’s an old discussion but I’d like to hear the Discourse Team opinion on this.
First, I like the current wiki support by Discourse, we’re using it with satisfaction for our HowTo and FAQ, but at this stage my fellows are asking me a “real” wiki because docs are looking too fragmented and not handy to navigate. As said yet here “a wiki is something that primarily displays structured information” and I don’t want move on another yet wiki and definitely keep my docs on Discourse: account, people, badges are there yet.
I already read all the proposals on this topic:

  • Automatic wiki-mode setting of new pages/topics.
  • Default hiding of replies (just hiding them by default would be sufficient I think).
  • Automatic page creation.
  • Easy page linking.
  • Sensible URLs
  • Automatic table of contents.

How we can move forward?

Edit: interesting recent discussion


There are definitely some low-hanging fruit that could be picked for a “wiki category” update or plugin.

“Auto-wiki of first posts” and “always scroll to top” would be a great start.

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Buy an enterprise hosting contract is the main way to move forward. None of our customers are asking for this. Not opposed to it but we have other priorities based on our paying customers at the moment.


This one has been spec’d out and currently has a “bounty”:


If you want to split the requests, that probably could be done through another feature:

Topic templates commands. So we could issue a command to turn it into wiki. Not sure if this have been considered yet, or why not. If it haven’t, I’m probably posting this in the wrong place… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just to throw in my 2 cents. I love Discourse, and a Wiki option would be AWESOME! I too feel like most wiki software is stuck in 2005 or earlier.

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To be clear “Wiki” functionality exists:

Perhaps it’s not an exact replacement for Wikipedia’s MediaWiki - but the base functionality to a large degree exists and works.


It’s a solid foundation that could be much improved with a little bit of work:

In a “wiki category” :

  • All new topics are wikified by default
  • Author attribution is suppressed
  • Always go to first post when viewing a topic
    (option to hide replies on separate page)

And made into a “proper” wiki with some more detailed and involved work:

  • Table of contents generation with [contents] object and headers
  • Create links to other topics by “tagging” them ie. &PageTitle
  • Create new topics by tagging a non-existant page eg. &NewTopic

I happened to be looking at this today in another context. While it’s a little convoluted, it is actually possible to pass non-default parameters (such as wiki) to new posts. It took me a little while to figure this out, so someone else may find it useful. There are four things you need to do:

  1. Set wiki to true when creating the post record in the store.
  2. Add wiki to the serialized composer properties via Composer.serializeOnCreate.
  3. Use PostRevisor.track_topic_field(:wiki) to add wiki as a permitted param in the posts_controller.
  4. Save the wiki opt to the Post using the post_created event.

I’ve been trying to decide which official Wiki to create a plugin with MediaWiki Classic of the new FederatedWiki.

Thank you so much for posting your experience.

Wiki pages on a forum are a great idea, kudos to Discourse. The revisions system works well. The editor is great.

But there’s a massive gap in functionality from my PoV.

If two people edit concurrently, one person’s work is lost

We’ve not had much use of the wiki feature on my forum (1000 visits/day) but we’ve already seen multiple edit clashes.

Suggested solutions in order of preference (preferred first):

  1. Live collaboration (show where the editors’ cursors are, as per google docs).
  2. Lock a post to other editors when it’s being edited
  3. Allow conflicts to be merged by the last editor.

I haven’t tested this locally, but are both revisions available in the edit history modal?

(BTW you posted an incomplete URL to the example of the problem)


I believe both revisions are there in the history, yes. The link is just to the forum. The conflicts were in our private staff area. The issue is easily reproducible.

Yes, both are visible – but the second person to make the edit usually won’t notice that they reverted the previous person’s changes. :frowning:


I’ve not tried this myself, but I think the Pages theme for Grav (a flat file CMS) could serve as a wiki. Additionally, Grav has support for Discourse comments via the JS Comments plugin.

The official Grav docs use the same theme.

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