Is chat stable enough to create themes/components that won't break?

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I think chat is still evolving pretty quickly for themes and theme components, but I’ll see if anyone can comment with more nuance than that (x and y are likely to change less frequently; better to stay away from z for now).

Any more context about what kinds of things you’d like to be able to customize would be helpful as well.


Sure, I can add more context for what I want to do now:

  • Chat messages to look more like WhatsApp/iMessage/Signal bubbles, with left to right alignment and bubble outline

  • Chat replies to look more like WhatsApp, to be blockquotes included in the bubbles, including any media or links from the original message

  • Font size on the mobile input box, as it seems quite small compared to other chat apps

  • Swipe to reply to chat messages on mobile, maybe using

I would recommend you wait a little bit more. We have various renames which will happen. I was waiting for us moving chat to core and it happened last week. Hopefully it happens in the coming month.


Oh, excellent, I hope that happens soon and appreciate the heads up :slight_smile:

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