Swiping to initiate a reply in chat

In many messaging / chat apps, swiping left (sometimes right) initiates a reply to the chat post that is swiped. Could we do that too? It is a nice quick way to reply to a specific post.

The current way to do this requires a long press and then a move of your finger to the bottom right and tap. While not too bad really, I believe that this is a tad too cumbersome for frequent action.


I thought that swiping right closes chat as per:

but it doesn’t - that is a trick in Chrome on mobile (does the browser back button function)


I’d really love this. I can’t speak for my users but for me, I’m trying to find the friction I feel when using Discourse chat on mobile as compared to WhatsApp or Telegram and I think one of the main sticking points is the inability to swipe to reply. Something about longpress seems 1) hidden and 2) maybe antiquated.

I’ve thought about trying to implement a theme component that would do it but also have gained some hesitance to create themes related to chat as I created one to make the layout look more like WhatsApp and the theme kept breaking with new updates.

Is chat stable enough now to start creating more themes/components?