Is it possible for mods to edit the body text of posts or comments?

I know Discourse uses a database and its technically possible to edit that, but does Discourse have tool(s) for mods to edit body and post text?

Moderators can edit Posts within their remit using the pencil Post tool. There’s a field to enter an explanation for any change too.


As Robert said :+1:. Video example:

The author will be mentioned of the edit, and anyone can see the post edit history if the site setting is enabled (it is by default).

There won’t be any automatic message such as “edited by XXX” after editing a post. It’s up to the moderators to add this kind of information themselves, either by posting a new post, adding a colored staff notice, etc. They have various tools at their disposal.


FWIW, TL4 also have the ability to edit all posts as well. :+1:

It’s currently tied into the trusted users can edit others admin setting, which also controls the TL3 ability to edit topic titles, tags, and categories, but there is a PR in the works to separate those out into two distinct settings Separate 'trusted users can edit others' setting for trust levels 3 & 4 - #12 by GH_Nam


Thanks, the video is very informative. Can you show me what a diff would look like when text is edited? (When a non-mod user clicks on the pencil on their post or comment). I wrote this post after trying to figure that out, only to find out that edits made by mods (on another site) weren’t editing the body text all, but rather the tags.

It looks like an edit made by the user, it just shows a different user at the top. Similar to the edits of a wiki, which is edited by different users (example)
An example for a post edited by a moderator is How to schedule posts (not topics)? - #8 by hoangviet.


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