Is it possible for search to return suggestions as you type?

You may call me crazy, but I remember days when Discourse search returned results as you type. With some update, it was removed and now you must press “Enter” or click “search in all posts and topics…” value below.

Is it possible to make search to suggest the topics based on what user types? There is no need to search by each symbol typed. Suggest by word entered or after timeout should be a viable solution too.


Hi kinetik :slight_smile:

The real-time search was removed in 2021. The resource usage versus benefit wasn’t good enough overall, hence the decision. It has been discussed a lot, though I can’t find the topic right now, but it’s not coming back.

The only way would be, I believe, to create a custom plugin.

I’ll add the related discussion later when I find it, if you want to know more about the context.



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