Is it possible to assign a group with batch invite?

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I need to ‘batch invite’ a large number of users to a Discourse implementation who are divided into three groups for permissions reasons.

Is there any way to batch invite users so that their groups are predetermined? It would be nearly impossible to invite almost 600 people and have to manually assign their groups once their accounts are created. Also, manually entering all of these invitations one-by-one to set the group would be quite hard.

I just saw this comment from @codinghorror : Bulk Invite Users - #9 by codinghorror

As we are hoping to send out these invites very soon (tomorrow to be honest :fearful: ), is there any way to achieve this currently? Or is it basically impossible?

In short, edit a csv file with this syntax:


Eep, I’m embarrassed I missed that. Thank you very much. This is perfect!

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