Is it possible to assign users to a group upon registration?


I would like to know if it’s possible to assign users to an specific group after they have finished the registration process, automatically.

Say I register a new user, he would be put into the Members group automatically, is that possible?

Thank you!

You might get a better answer if you say why you want to assign people to a group, but here are a couple answers.

You can assign them automatically if they all have the same email domain.

You can invite them and include in the invite a group to assign them to.


Hi Oxyrus welcome to the forum

If you mean trust level 2 then yes, there is a setting for the starting group. Typically it’s 1 until the forum gets started and then 0

Note that setting higher will circumvent a lot of things intended to save you from having problems eg. spam checks, spree posting.

Groups can also be assigned by email address domain. eg. every new member from to trust level 4

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I want to emphasize this. If your forum allows public registration, you’re in for incredible pain if you raise the default trust level.


Thank you, I wasn’t thinking of the email approach before but now it makes sense. I was thinking of user groups (created at /admin/groups) because I want to display certain categories to certain groups, so a new comer can’t see all the categories, but someone who has been around (and been promoted to a higher group) can see them all.

I can’t do it based on trust levels because we need to handle promotion internally, that is, once a user meets certain criteria we decide.

Thank you all for the quick response!

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If you’re going to decide based on “certain criteria” then can’t you just assign them to the “Good Group” once they’ve met the criteria? (Why do you need to automatically assign them to a group at all?)


I have a similar request. Here is the use-case:

  1. I assign a group G to a category C so that the category is only visible by G members.
  2. I assign to C with anonymous email-in enabled.
  3. I send an email to, with a number of emails in Cc so that they become staged.
  4. When the user wants to confirm their account, I want them assigned to G, OR
    4bis. I want to assign them to G before they activate their account.

Any clue? (using API, SQL, or some eventual admin feature)

I don’t think there is a feature to auto assign groups based on email account To endpoints. There is a feature to assign groups based on From accounts.

You may want to put up a feature request.


But you’re inviting those staged users manually right? Just assign them to the right groups before you press the send invite button.

Not really: I couldn’t find a way to stage users without inviting them, and I find the invitation process limiting: either I can use individual invitations, each with their own group and message, but then I can’t choose the language of the invitation template – or can I choose to bulk invite in a group with a custom message for all, or I can bulk invite people in a group, but then I lose the ability to provide a custom message (and still can’t change template message.) So the option I choose is to let the system stage the users and not invite them.

Is using groups to differentiate certain subgroups within a community a suitable use-case for this feature? For example, suppose I had a discussion group about racket sports (not my case, just an example). Could I use groups to differentiate say badminton and tennis players? For example, with a badge for each type of player?

If this would be a good use for groups, then it would make sense to allow the players to choose a group when they register, wouldn’t it?