Is it possible to automate a query to export to a google sheet?

Is it possible to automate the plugin to export the data every month to a google sheet?

Export data? I don’t think so. But you could very likely write a Google Script that runs monthly to import data. Could also use something like Zapier in middle between Discourse and Google Sheets.

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Would the google script have access to all user data and custom user fields? I would have thought that some of that would be protected.

I guess i can just press the button myself each month.

You’d need to give the Google Script an API Key. You can restrict that API Key to only be allowed to run data explorer queries, and you can further restrict it to only be able to run specific queries. You are correct, Google Script (or anything external) cannot simply run a data explorer query.

Check out /admin/api/keys/new and the “Granular” scope level. Scroll down to see the data explorer scope. See for details on using the API.


Great thanks, i’ll work through that


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