Is it possible to block backlinks to your Discourse site?

I’m seeing lots of spammy links to my website like this one below.

I’ve received like 200 in a few days. I’m wondering how can I fix that. I would even like to block Korean ips to access my discourse.

Thank you!

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Do you have Akismet plugin installed and updated?

Nope… I will install it. Thanks! Where can I find it?

Wait I am unclear what you mean. Links FROM other websites to yours?


That’s it. Strange links from other website to mine, in korean language.

Where are you seeing this? In your discourse admin dashboard or where?

I see it in ahrefs SEO tool

You can’t block websites from linking to you. Even if you banned IP ranges it won’t do much. Many of these spam links are scraped directly from search engines.


The problem persists, akismet is not doing anything. It has something to do with search terms, can I block korean language to be used when searching?

What is it you’re trying to block? Your original post spoke of links to your website, it’s impossible to prevent sites from linking to you. IP blocks will achieve nothing. You might not have expected to see inbound links or traffic from those URLs, but they’re doing no harm to you at all.

The titles of the pages linking to you are stored in the Google search cache too, it’s a Turkish storage tank manufacturer which at some point was compromised and held a bunch of Korean pages about call girls:

Akismet deals with spam on your Discourse installation, this isn’t a Discourse problem though, it’s not really a problem in any sense of the word. The data exists in search engines like Google. You’re objecting to words which appear on another site, spotted by a crawler service, nobody else will ever see them.

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Thanks stephen, I thought they were harmful to my website since backlinks are being created everyday…

I spend time disavowing them at google search console because I thought they were ruining my SEO work.


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