Blacklist a domain that's embedded in a post

I’ve noticed a few people lately create an account just to post a link to their site (spam). It doesn’t happen enough to warrant changing any TL0 settings. However, I was wondering if there was a way to blacklist certain domains from being posted. So, if I wanted to blacklist then it wouldn’t auto-link or would come up with a warning maybe? Note that Akismet doesn’t work or isn’t pickup up on them.

Admin, Logs, Watched Words

You do need to spend some time training Akismet for your domain by feeding it the spam posts though.

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Thank you. I was looking for “blacklist” in the settings

Are you seeing the same domains? Spammers usually shift domains every week, so I’d be surprised if the domain was a workable solution.

These are people/businesses who think they can use my forum as an Ads board to sell their products and services to my niche community. So, the websites they link back to wouldn’t change. Unless of course they workaround with a shortlink.


Ah I see so it is domain specific. Watched Words is your huckleberry.


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