Is it possible to bulk upload tags?

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #1

Sorry for posting all werid sort of questions but my requirement is also a little weird. I am building a forum using discourse that talks about Indian stock market which has over 3500 stocks. I was recommended that I can use tags to identify each stocks. Now the problem is that if I have to 3500 stocks manually its a really pain, was just wondering if I have the option of bulk upload or something to hack around with? Any help is highly appreciated.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

Tags are created dynamically, there should be no need to “pre-upload” them. Once a tag is used on a topic, it will appear in the tag dropdown for other topics, unless restricted via category settings. You can define what trust-level users can create tags, and what trust-level users can use tags via site settings.

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #3

well my needs are different, like I said I as a moderator would like to control the list of tags and pre-populate them when user wants to query about a specific stock.

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #4

Because what worse can happen is people use two different tags to talk about the same stock. which is something I would like to avoid. Please advise @jomaxro

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

You’ve gone beyond my knowledge, unfortunately :disappointed:. Hopefully someone else can assist - this is a very specific use case you have.

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #6

no problem brother. thanks a lot

(cpradio) #7

If you want to create a certain tag list, you simply need to create a topic in a staff/admin area (think similar to Site Assets) and tag it with all the tags you want to accept.

Then set min trust to create tag to 4 (so no one else can create them unless you promote them to TL 4).

And since you are talking 3500 tags, I’d suggest multiple topics in a staff/admin category. So you can split them up in some logical way.

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #8

thanks a lot @cpradio. really appreciate it. will there be a performance impact of having so many tags? i currently have a linode cloud with 2gb memory and 40 gb hdd. dual core.

(cpradio) #9

Not sure. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a forum with 3500 tags before.

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #10

ok thanks for the information

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #11

@cpradio : quick question, if I want to add multiple tags in a single topic then should I just separate them with commas?

(cpradio) #12

Do you mean via a PUT request?, I think you send an array of tags[].

The best way is to open the dev console and watch the network tag as you add multiple tags to a topic.

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #13

unfortunately i see the max limit as 5 tags :disappointed:

(cpradio) #14

That is a site setting.

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #15

Ahh I see, is there a performance impact if i add 300 tags per topic?

(cpradio) #16

In a staff category? Doubtful, just realize you’d really want to change it to a lower limit afterwards, which will make it impossible to edit those staff topics again without removing a good majority of the tags.

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #17

yes for sure. will reduce. Will create 10 topics having 300 ish tags each.

(David Taylor) #18

It is now possible to upload tags in bulk:

(David Taylor) #19