Bulk uploading of Tags, via CSV with dynamic Tag Group creation and feature request

I would like to be able to bulk upload tags into Discourse, but trigger the creation of tag group, which the tags should be associated with.

Let’s say I want to upload 100 tags into a tag group (which I haven’t created yet, called test group. How do I format the csv file so that
when the tags are uploaded and I go to
https://forum.example.com/tag_groups, I’ll see a group name, called, " test group" which was dynamically created as a result of uploading the tags via csv, etc.

If this can’t be accomplished with bulk upload option, I assume it can be accomplished with an SQL statement and if so, what would that look like, assuming the file name of the csv is test.csv and the tag group name is test group.

Feature request:
Simply offer an option when creating a tag group name to populate said tag group name by uploading
a csv file, hence tags when uploaded will be injected or associated with the proper tag group container.

Thank you!