Is it possible to change users SSO's external_id after a DB migration?

(Cyril Auburtin) #1

First I had issues with the external_id field on SSO, because they were all initially strings of length 16, and later I stored 24chars strings, but it completely messed up, you could get logged under a different user, it seems it cropped the external_id length, but that was hard to debug.

So I make sure to keep external_id with the same length, it’s not really practical, why not using a TEXT column type for it?

And my question is also, can I update the external_id of existing users, after doing a DB migration on my external site that provides SSO? and allow those users to keep their existing discourse profile when they’ll log in

Thanks for that good work

(Felix Freiberger) #2

The easiest way might be to simply delete all external IDs – when your users try to sign in again, Discourse will use the email address to find the right account. (This won’t work if the users change their email address in the meantime!)

(Cyril Auburtin) #3

Thanks a lot,

So I’ll try to do a UPDATE user_table_name SET external_id=NULL, in DB thanks