SSO - Updating a user's External ID

Our forum uses SSO, and each user has an External ID. We’re looking into potentially updating this field for our users, so I had a couple questions about it.

  1. Does every user need to have a unique External ID? What would be the impact of two or more users having the same External ID?
  2. If we were to update a user’s External ID, would that impact their account or SSO status? Would they need to re-login, or anything else?
  3. To update the External ID, would we use the sync_sso endpoint that’s mentioned here?

The reason I ask is because we were wondering if it’d be possible to have the External ID field be the user’s organization ID (a custom field that our company uses). All of our users belong to an organization, and we were interested in tying a user’s organization to their Discourse account. Some users may belong to the same organization, hence my question about whether two or more users can have the same External ID.

Is the above feasible?

If not, is there another way we could define an additional field that every user account has, so we could store that organization ID on the backend? I know there are custom user fields you can add, but we wouldn’t want this to be something publicly visible or something that the customer would fill out as part of their profile. It’s purely for our use on the backend.

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External IDs must be unique.

Use custom user fields. They don’t need to be visible nor editable on profile. You have full control over their visibility. And they can be set via SSO.


Got it, thanks. Didn’t realize we could set that via SSO. (meant to respond to this earlier, but work and life happened :upside_down_face:)

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