Is it possible to configure the length that triggers short search term?

When searching a specific topic alone - somebody said “As Chris said” in the topic and I didn’t recall their being a Chris in there so I wanted to search on it. Understand requiring a longer search when searching the entire forum.

Is this configurable?

You want to change the “min search term length” site setting :wink:


Is that a site wide setting? Would prefer it to just effect local topic searches.

It is a site wide setting (ie. works for all types of search).

If you want to search on the current topic, you can also press CTRL/⌘ + F twice and use the browser’s default search.


Does Ctrl-F require you to scroll to the very last post in order to download all the posts?

No, on long posts, Discourse will use its in-topic search when you press CTRL+F, you can press it again to get the browser one, which would be limited to what is loaded in the dom. The Discoruse in-topic search is not limited to what is in the DOM.


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