Is it possible to continue the discussion on Discourse AFTER a limit of Wordpress Comments are hit?

Our use case is as follows;

We want to send folk from our Blog to our Forum as most of our moderation occurs there (the forum). We do not, however, want to force people to the forum just to leave a comment, so the idea is to have a limit on Wordpress comments (let’s say a max of 5 comments) before a “Continue the discussion on Discourse” message is shown. That way, if a topic is getting quite a lot of interaction, we would rather move that conversation over to the Forum otherwise we’re moderating both the Blog and the Forum.

Is it possible to show a link to the forum topic after a certain number of WP Comments have been created?

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Did you try to set Max Visible Comment? (commenting tab)

I have, but it doesn’t seem to affect Wordpress comments, but Discourse comments.

Certainly! You can write a function to hook into the comments section, and once a comment count has been reached show the message to Discourse.

You can learn the templates and filters in the WP-Discourse plugin at WP Discourse template customization.

I don’t recommend it. Your conversations will be in two places, so all it demonstrates a false sense of social proof. Better to funnel folks into Discourse. :sunglasses:


I too prefer to just funnel everyone straight to discourse, but the team has spoken :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the input! I’ll look into it!

Let me know if you need any hooks added to the plugin to get this to work.