WP Discourse comments - shows "X responses" but no comments

Hey, just got my Discourse forum up yesterday. Working on the Wordpress side today.

I’ve been able to get WP Discourse connected to my forum, but I am experiencing odd behavior when the Wordpress site shows comments on posts published to Discourse. No visible Discourse comments are displayed, but above where they should be, Wordpress displays the correct number of comments on the forum thread as “X responses.” I’m using the default “Twenty Twenty-Three” theme, for what it’s worth. I’ve removed the submission box from the comments template, but that was after discovering this issue. The “comments” block is still present - it just doesn’t show Discourse comments.

Additionally, the link to start/continue the discussion on the forum is not present.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Webhook on/off (response count immediately updates with it on; ~10 minutes with off as expected)
  • Ajax on/off
  • Allow new comments on/off in Wordpress
  • Test with a regular Wordpress comment (works as expected; tested before removing submission box)
  • Setting minimum replies/score/trust level to zero
  • Changing between comments for all topics and link only (neither appear in either situation)

Happy to provide any additional info that may lead to a solution. Thanks in advance!

Hey @LeeNeighoff, welcome :slight_smile:

First just checking you’ve gone through this topic? Sounds like you have but always worth checking.

Could you share a link to your Forum and Wordpress if possible? Also, could you share the logs and meta file from your WP Discourse (you can PM this to me)

Thank you for the response! I have gone through the commenting topic during setup and troubleshooting, and I don’t believe I made any customizations that would affect the visibility.

I will PM you the logs, meta file, and links to the Discourse and Wordpress sites shortly. Thanks again!

EDIT: I do not appear to have the ability to PM, as far as I can tell. All of the places I am able to send messages from on my Discourse site do not appear here. Maybe my account is too new?

You can email them to me: angus at pavilion dot tech

Sent the logs your way!

Links are as follows: https://community.handheldpc.net | https://handheldpc.net

Thanks, the logs were helpful.

The official answer is that the Wordpress Twenty Twenty Three theme is not yet supported by the WP Discourse plugin. I’m working on adding support for it and there will be a new version in review, and most likely released, next week. Discourse Comments will then work for you.

Reference (technical)


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Thanks for getting to the bottom of it! Excited for the update!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been actively working on this for the past week and am mostly done. It’s not quite ready yet though so you’ll need to wait a bit longer.

The solution here is that the WP Discourse plugin will be getting it’s own proper block for use in Wordpress’ new appearance editor.

This means you’ll be able to insert Discourse comments wherever you like on the post page using Wordpress’ new visual editor in themes like Twenty Twenty Three.

Technical Notes

This has been on the roadmap for a while. I had hoped to wait for the Block API to mature a bit more, but given the somewhat sudden drop in support for comments_template in the latest packaged theme, it looks like now’s the time.

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@LeeNeighoff Thanks for your patience here.

We’ve released a Discourse Comments block in the latest version of the plugin, 2.4.7. Check out this topic to learn more, and let me know there if you have any questions or issues with it.


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