Is it possible to deploy Discourse on Heroku? (Recent Update)

Hello, Discourse team!

I would like to ask, is it possible to deploy Discourse on Heroku. As of their recent update, it is possible to deploy Docker-based apps.

This is a screenshot:
This is learn more:

Additional Details

  • Heroku supports both Ruby on Rails and Ember.js.
  • Heroku has PostgreSQL and Redis addons.

Thanks for the help, everyone!


Anyone has ideas for that?

Have you tried it yourself? Your guess is as good as ours really :slight_smile:

People will eventually try it if they have a legitimate use case for it. I know @joffreyjaffeux is a fan of Heroku so he might give it a shot at some point in the indeterminate future.

Hello, currently to use Redis addon, you need account validation using credit card, which I haven’t done already. So @joffreyjaffeux may check into that.

Never checked this (and probably won’t in the near future) but afaik the biggest issue is not redis or db but filesystem.