Is it possible to display all images in a topic?

Is there a way to display all images in a topic? or it should be done by a plugins?

It would be a great function if the user can filter out all images within a topic.

Not sure I understand what you mean here.

Display all images in a topic where?

An option is to enter the topic, tick the “search this topic” box and search for “with:images”. The search results include only posts in that topic which contain images. I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but I hope that it helps.


I’m assuming this is a request to add a search or filter, similar to other chat applications’ “view/filter by media” features.

Here’s a screenshot of telegram, showing only photos for a thread - you’re able to select filter messages in the conversation by type through a dropdown: photos, videos, or files.

“Show all messages” will clear the filter. The current filter is shown on the top left hand side.

Discord has something similar through their search – has: similarly allows you to search posts containing a link/file/video/image.

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I guess something like “All Media” in WhatsApp or Facebook messenger that shows all the pics and vids in the chat.

Much easier to find a picture inside a very long chat. Not useful for short topics.

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yup, thats what i mean. (lol…i forgot whatsapp has such function)

It would be much easier to read some long topic with lots of image. (such as photosharing , tutorial topic)

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It would be very nice. Like on Facebook private messages, you can add images from topic below timeline for example