Is it possible to have users' job titles next to their names on posts?

My forum will be a visual effects forum, and in our field there are so many different disciplines, career stages, etc. I think it would be cool if I could allow my users to write what they are and have it show up next to their names when they post. Options could be things like “Enthusiast” or “VFX Supervisor”.

How would I go about setting something like that up? I’ve seen something similar done on Reddit, where certain subreddits will allow you to choose a flair that shows up next to your name when you post. I find that helpful because it provides more context to who is talking.

Hello there @rodypl!

I think that you will find using groups useful specifically the default title feature

This way you can add users to groups and it will automatically apply a title to them. You Can also change a users title manually by going to the users admin page. You can also add a flair.


I think you want a plugin to add a custom field to the serializer so that you can add it next to the username as you describe.

Without checking carefully, I think this is very much like Showing topic creator and posts/join dates - #2 by pfaffman

Edit: that’s not as helpful as I’d hoped.

Ah. See How to add custom fields to models

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Thanks! Is there a way that you know that removes me completely from this process? I’d rather not be responsible for managing and adding people to a bunch of different groups all the time.

Yep, there’s a setting you can activate when you create the group that allows members to join and leave groups freely.

If you go this route you may also want to make sure that the groups page is really easy to find for those members. One way to do that is using the Custom Headers Links theme component and adding a link that goes to the Groups page.

you can do this by adding something like this to the Theme Settings after installing the theme component.

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