Show user title as Job Title, not Forum classification

Hello dear,

I run a big forum for Telecom Experts.

Every guy there has a Job Title, for example RF Engineer, Core Specialist, Data Scientist, etc…

For example, I am a Telecom Consultant, and also a Co-founder of my community.

If you go to Linkedin, you can see it easily… next to my profile info.

This is how Linkedin profile quick info looks like:


But for Discourse, there is no such option. :frowning:

The only option for the user to inform his Job Title is writing it in his About me Section, in Preferences…

But, even if the user do that, he is not able to (quickly) see each member Job Title.

What is the suggestion?

For example, I would like to (quickly) see something like this in the topics…

But i only see this:


The only way (workaround) to get this is to change Title in User page, seen by Admin.

But even this way, users don’t have the ability to change their (Job) Title when they want.

It’s only a suggestion - it would be better (my opinion) to see each member role/position instead of his classification in the Forum itself.

I think your solution would be to add a custom field for the job title and then a theme component that displays it how and where you want.

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Thanks @pfaffman .

I think this is the idea here too:

As i am not a developer, I change my users (job) title one by one… Problem is that we have 5k+ users… :slight_smile:

Hello there :wave:

Using groups might also work and then add a title. You can set the group up so they just have to press ‘join’ to enter and give them a title.

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If there is some programmatic way to change them, you could do it from the Rails console.

Maybe another workaound. But will not solve the problem… (as the same they asked in other topic)

We would need a gorup for every job title out there :slight_smile: e.g. “Front-end dev @ Discourse” “UX Designer @ Google”, etc.