Is it possible to hide topics in a category from showing on forums home page?

So, I have 2 categories: 1 is Blogs and the other is for everything else. I would like the blog posts to still be viewable by everyone, but be hidden from the main forums home page ( [including /latest and /top].

default categories muted setting does not do what I want it to do, btw, because I use Landing Pages plugin + Blog add-on for it, so on my blog landing page, if I mute the category, all the blogs (topics) disappear from the page, which I can’t have, and the topics don’t show under Blog category on forums either if not signed in if they’re muted (not sure if the same for regular non-staff users that are signed in).

one of these plugins might work for you

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Top tip for this - signing up a couple of test users can be a real benefit so you can see what a non-staff account sees/can do. If you use a separate browser or private window you can have both yourself and a test user or two signed in at the same time.


Hi, is there a main difference between the 2? One looks 5yrs outdated and the other is at least slightly more updated I guess?

@JammyDodger Yeah, I’ve been meaning to make a non-staff user but my partner usually checks stuff for me when I ask, haha. And yeah, I usually test everything in a private window.