Is it possible to limit screenshots?

Hello there…

I ask if it is possible to limit the number of screenshots that a user (or new_user maybe) could do in a post?

Site Setting newuser max images.


Thanks, and for TL1 ? Exist the limit?
At my case, I’ve got a TL1 who put 15 screenshots :neutral_face: :’(

Well, why are the screenshots a problem?

We have plenty of topics with lots of screenshots, our how-to’s have plenty.

If it’s a cultural thing, you better educate this user, or he will do it when he is tl2.

The new users limits are here to prevent spam. What’s this post a spam?

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Ah, all right. I’m agree with that.
I will punish him :wink:
Thanks @Falco, please close this topic. It’s solved