Is it possible to see all user posts expanded?

I am a high school teacher using Discourse to in the classroom. Is there any way to see all of a users posts without so many clicks?

For example, I currently click on a user name and I see all of the student posts. Each message gives a preview of the post. Ideally, I would be able to see all of the student posts without the preview. Is there any way to change this setting so there is no preview?


There is no way to do this at the current time, though a click to expand inline there on the user page is not a bad idea.


@eviltrout could you add this to your list? A small button to retrieve and expand posts on a users’ summary page would be very nice. Perhaps use the “down chevron” and alignment that mirrors our quote expansion?


In the OP they seem to want to expand ALL posts though. I’m actually wondering here why we excerpt the posts at all. Is it just a length thing @sam? Is it performance related? It’s sending less data sure, but it’s calculating an excerpt for each one in the serializer.

I wonder if it would make sense to send back the full cooked post, and excerpt in the client side. Then you could “expand all” with the post that’s already in memory.

The excerpting was perf related, we do send lots of posts down to the client and if you hit the jackpot it could be quite a giant payload. Up to you, if you feel like its worth the risk here send it all down. Just keep in mind that it will be an edge case for people to expand stuff so you would be sending out data that, in general, is not expanded.

While you are there there is a long standing visual bug, the excerpt container can be up to 814px wide whereas posts in the stream on the topic view can never be wider than 628px. This is somewhat inconsistent and does hurt readability.


Nah we don’t want to send down full posts here. But on click of the down chevron it should grab the full post and expand, much like we do for these quotes:

I’ll likely still be doing some tweaks, but the change was made here: