Is it possible to send a mail to create a subject


I saw that a user could answer a subject by mail if enabled, which is great. I wonder if there is a possibility to create a new subject by mail, as in a diffusion list. Is that possible ?

Ex. : instead of coming to and posting a subject, I would send an email to “” and this would create my post (if enabled by webmaster).

Sure, if the site is set up to receive email and categories are configured with email addresses, you can start a topic in a category by email. Then users who receive the email can continue the conversation by email.

That said, the forum experience is so superior that I don’t recommend setting up expectations that people can participate just by email.

Thanks Tobias, is there any specific documentation about that ?

Are you a site admin? Just look in the category settings.

For more info, see Discourse vs Email & Mailing lists. There are also some other topics here on meta you can dig up using :mag: search.

I did but could not figure out how to make that possible : I can see an “incoming email address” field to fulfill, but this does not tell me how I can make this address a topic maker. I guess I’m missing something there.

I do agree, though I have to comply to my association policy…