Is it possible to set limit of answers per topic/per day for ANY users indefinitely?

On our forum we have a problem with users spamming certain threads multiple times a day. Is is possible to limit number of answers that one person can submit per topic/day/topic and day? Any plugin or setting?

Thanks for your help in advance.


You could raise rate limit create post:


You can try try several approaches:

  • Close the problematic threads

  • Move those threads to a specific category that doesn’t get listed o the /latest page and does’t counts towards badges

  • Punish the members if this is a serious problem.


So there’s no real solution. Okay.

The issue is actually more user-related than thread-related, sorry for being not specific. We have some users that tend to spam some threads with infinite discussion between two or three people. We want our forum to be democratic and create equal possiblity to express thoughts for everybody. This means we want to limit people who spam a lot of posts so they can’t drift entire threads to their off-topic land. We want to give more space for other people to write, it’s also a lot easier to read a discussion which doesn’t contain 100 answers from the same two users ping-ponging the same arguments.

Banning the problematic users is absolutely not an option for us due to the nature of our community, but automatic limiting could work well.

You can lock those problematic yet not bannable users at TL0 and set rate limit new user create post to a bigger value.

We usually recommend dealing with bad behavior with warnings and then some suspension. If this isn’t possible I don’t know. Having arbitrary posting limits for trusted users is something uncommon.


@falco is correct, for a new user that nobody is responding to they will be limited in the number of posts they can create in a topic. But neither of those things is true in this case: not a new user, and someone is responding to them.

We used to have this limit for new users that they could create only 3 posts in a topic, but we added the “unless someone replies to them” as it ended up being too restrictive.


All right, we’ll try to figure something out from this point. Thank you for your answers!

If that discussion is trashing up the topic, you could split those posts to a different topic.

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There are the Admin -> Settings -> Other settings

dominating topic minimum percent [default: 20]
What percentage of posts a user has to make in a topic before being reminded about overly dominating a topic.


educate until posts [default: 2]
When the user starts typing their first (n) new posts, show the pop-up new user education panel in the composer.

Maybe tweak up the “educate until” setting? It won’t stop them from dominating a topic but they might get the hint.


Yeah, it sounds like I support moving these two’s arguments to their own topic whenever they start up.

If you look in #releases we do have a todo on adding a reminder for people who overly respond to each other in the same topic. A “get a room” reminder if you will :wink:


Setting to TL0 is not an option due to the 10 posts limit.
Would be nice to have something like the “dominating topic minimum percent”, which prevents users from posting unless they are mentioned.
I know active moderation is the better solution, but some people don’t want to spend the time and would perfer a simple techno-fix.