Is it possible to show line numbers in code block?

Hi, I use markdown (mostly, this is Typora software to create and export to PDF) to create documentation. I use the following code to show line numbers in code blocks:

{.language .numberLines}

Example code:




Also I use a forum to publish announcements and I would like to share some code in forum posts. But seems this trick doesn’t work in Discourse :(. Is there any way to show line numbers in code blocks of the forum?


We use highlight.js for our codeblocks, and I don’t believe they support line numbers… there’s some rationale in their documentation here: Line numbers — highlight.js 11.2.0 documentation

They can definitely be useful for reference, e.g., “you can change the font size on line 3”… so if we’re ever looking to move away from highlight.js, that would be one thing to consider.


Hi Kris, thank you very much for the reference!

I tried to apply a plugin via theme customization but without success. Probably somebody who knows well how to use custom JS/CSS in theme could help :slight_smile: .

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