Is it possible to space out the ads in the topic?

Hi, is it possible to configure this plugin Discourse Ad Plugin to display ads after the first post and then every 10 posts?


I’ve split your post into a new #support topic to try and get it some more attention. :+1:


I’ve tried everything but apparently only the first number of “adsense nth post code” is taken into consideration.
Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t see a way of doing this from the settings (though I’m afraid I’m not an AdPlugin aficionado :slight_smile:). In lieu of any other answers, would you like me to open up the OP as a wiki so you can rewrite it as a feature request?

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Yes that would be great, thank you :grinning:

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I’ve slid it over to #feature, but left the OP open for you to flesh out with more detail (the better the argument for it, the more likely it is to be considered :slight_smile:)

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No one seems interested … :pensive:

Do you think it can be done by editing the theme and not the plugin?

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Hi @mstm

I think i did kind of what you are talking about in

You can change it is house ads see the screen shot below :

i hope it helps

Thanks for your help, is already configured like this :slight_smile:

It would be needed after the first message and then every 6 messages.

then you change the 10 by 6

Done but the banner is displayed every 6 messages and not after the first and also every 6 messages.