[PAID] Additional non-repeating Nth positions for Ad plugin (updated)

What would you like done?

My non-Discourse forum currently has 4 image banner (no HTML) positions that are charged according to their prominence, 1 is horizontal and 3 are in the left vertical sidebar. To migrate to Discourse with its responsive design I think that all banners would have to be horizontal. But I would still like to maintain my levels of banner location priority, following the existing Ad plugin logic of some banners appearing mixed into topic or post listings in the Nth position, but I would not want them to be repeated. Here’s a mockup of what I have in mind:

(The Priority4 spot may or may not be used. Several different banners would be assigned to each priority slot, and they should appear at random.)

When do you need it done?

I’m very flexible if that helps the price.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Hopefully well under $1000. I honestly have no idea how much work this would be and what’s a fair price. I do not want to modify or fork the existing Ad Plugin codebase because I don’t have a long-term development budget for code maintenance. Of course if the Ad plugin developers could adopt the solution that we come up with in this gig I’d be more than happy to contribute it. But otherwise I’m thinking that this might need to be accomplished with custom CSS and Javascript.

Thanks a lot!

I modified the initial post a bit. It looks like my initial budget guess wasn’t realistic.

Also I removed the mockup screenshot of extending the House Ads interface, as that would surely require hacking or forking the Ad plugin codebase.

It’s looking like what I need would have to be accomplished via some clever Javascript and CSS. I noticed that there is a CSS class for each post number, which I assume would help with the modified logic I need. I wonder if it would be possible to take advantage of the current Ad module code and set N = 1 and then suppress/hide the unwanted instances after that with Javascript and/or CSS. (Not sure if <script> tags can be added to House Ads? This post says probably no.)

I found some similar requests here, so it looks like this functionality would be useful to the community:

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