Is it possible to support having blockquotes, each with a different color depending on who is being quoted?

I quite like this format of blockquote and just learned about the ability to modify CSS to support it.

What I really want is to be able to allow different colors in order to support a dialogue between multiple parties, a consistent color per member of the discussion.

This is to support some fiction or piece of a play in an elegant and beautiful way.

Thanks for your consideration.

An example:


Hi Mary


Hi Dean


Hello ya’ll

I want to be able to specify a blue blockquote for Dean, an orange blockquote for Mary and a pink blockquote for Random.

I don’t need to predefined which one, a color code of the writer’s choosing will be fine. The current grey default is fine.

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A random background colour selected from a range seeded with a hash of the quoted username would be cool.

Maybe you can do a theme component for that?