Is it possible to use Discourse as a "commenting system"?

I actually searched the forums and found a couple of threads referring to this, but more of them are older than 6 months ago, and since discourse it’s still in development, I thought there could be different now.

When I saw discourse, the first thing I thought was “finally, I can forget about disqus and friends”, while I understand that this tool was made thinking in replacing forums (or complement them), a lot of good discussion happens in form of blog comments too. That being said, it seems to me that Discourse it looks also suited for that job.

Is there any plan on this or some approach that already people are implementing?


WordPress plugin

The WP plugin can be viewed in action on

Embedding Discourse in Static Sites


Thannks for the info! I’ll check it throughly later :wink:

Sorry the delay, I thought that I was going to be notified by email or something.