Is it safe to flush redis?

Hi, I’m experiencing the problem described here – high RAM use on redis:

I see that this bug was fixed, so I’ll update my discourse installation shortly. Before doing so, I was considering flushing redis to clear up space (I’m almost at the limit). But I don’t know exactly what discourse uses redis for. Is it safe to just flush it? Will my users see any disruption if I do so?



Sidekiq uses it for event scheduling. You need to restart Sidekiq after flushing Redis.

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I recall an issue with Sidekiq where we have to kill it when memory use gets high, is that still true @sam?

Sidekiq is safe to flush, BUT you will lose a few jobs when it is flushed (people will miss some emails) AND all clients will lose position in message bus, so blue bubble will stop working till they refresh browser.


Thanks! Flushed with no issues. :smile: