Is migration from other chat apps supported?

There is a way for import from Discord?

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No, import from other chat apps is not something we support and haven’t made any plans to do so at this time.


How possible will you see that someone develops that as open-source in 1/10 scale?

That could be the trigger to absorb the hard centralized chat apps market. And could be big because Discord moves a lot.

Without of that, almos all of us are stucked. I know we are fully responsible of that but you know, we try to do our best without coding background.

Thanks for your reply :vulcan_salute:

Really not sure. I wrote a couple importers prior to joining Discourse and it was pretty easy, but there was much more prior art to lean on. Someone doing this would be the first to do it for chat, so there’d be more heavy lifting involved.

I think we need to take a “wait and see” approach here. I really question the value of it at this point. Chat is pretty ephemeral and noisy. Does bringing all the old content really help? We are making things default to 90 days retention for the same reason in chat.

Having lived through a migration from one Slack instance into another in the past, I can see how it eases some concerns people may have. And there was a brief period of time when the content was useful. But it pretty quickly became less valuable to have the old content there. I imagine it would have worked almost as well to just keep both instances running for some time, then turn the old one into read-only, then let it disappear.


Surely chat is ephemeral so one doesn’t need to worry about prior messages? :wink:


Not in our case, we have a lot of information on Discord and people choose Discord over Discourse for almost everything.

Our audience decides, not your fundmentals (that I get and respect but that’s NOT our case).

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We have some archived channels but having all the history is mandatory because active channels have A LOT for search plus validate our previous actions and shows transparency and our growing from the scratch.

What’s the point on erasing data when is valuable (we don’t have trash chats, but productive)?

Sorry but I don’t get that. I understand you start from ‘all chat is trash’ as premise, that’s false in our community.

Could be the majority, but not all of the cases. Importer would take care about specific cases, not all of them (that probably don’t use Discourse).

It may not be a complete solution but my discord bot includes a command to copy x prior messages to Discourse. If your Discord user logs into Discourse using Discord sign-in, it will even match the user…


Nice, so your bot can copy from Discord to Discourse Chat?

We are ok with our topics and posts and don’t want to make posts from Discord.

All "fully elaborated’ data are in Discourse but chats brings that info into ‘day by day life’ and have a lot more that we can link from Discourse Chat in our topics, for complete and update the googled info.

The integration could be an ultra-kill to Discord :slight_smile:

No, it copies from Discord to Discourse Posts currently. This functionality (just) predates Discourse Chat.

PR welcome. (Then again if you are keeping important information for posterity then it could be argued Posts are a better fit?).

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Something that could copy an entire channel’s history into topics/posts for archival purposes makes more sense to me than copying directly into chat channels.

It feels pretty well aligned with how we’re approaching copying chat messages to topics within Discourse itself.


There is no versus, both options are valuable for us.

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